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Museum of Tolerance



The museum of tolerance is an internationally renowned Jewish human rights museum that was established in 1993. The museum provides educational exhibits and immersive experiences for museum-goers to learn about the past events of the genocide and fight for civil rights and the horrific tragedy of the holocaust. Through its exhibits, it advocates for youths and adults to reflect on their responsibilities for positive change in society.   

The new branding for the Museum Of Tolerance will bring an organic feel to humanize the brand with a figurative mark.  The mark will be designed to resonate with human experience. It honors the past while reflecting the present. Two figures silhouetted holding hands embraces the resilience of human nature while referencing the Museum of tolerance into the shape of an M.  The silhouette personifies the branding of the Museum of Tolerance.  A secondary mark is a split of the original logo mark where overlapping sides create another silhouette that represents another figurative profile.  Together these marks along with the new color pallet will enhance the museums brand.  The museum will be branded with new visual assets as they are incorporated in the environmental graphics and signage.

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