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Editorial Design
Motion Graghics


The CREATX issue on Covid–19 was a special issue that needed to express how artists were affected by the pandemic and the current social injustices that were taking place.  The design of the issue was to incorporate the culture and production of street murals through out the editorial spreads.  Spray painting techniques inspired the overall look and feel by incorporating a stencil for each layout. Typographic highlights are sampled from the murals featured in the editorial. The content was designed to showcase the different community organizations that were assisting artists during the Covid-19 Pandemic as well in addition to storytelling.   


A GIF was designed to spread the new editorial issue across social media platforms to help direct readers to the financial assistance offered by Austin nonprofit organizations. The GIF features local Austin Artist  Erick Ross as his interview story is featured in this CREATX monthly issue.       

CREATX is a monthly editorial that highlights the stories and lives of Austin’s visual artists. At the height of the Covid–19 Pandemic, the city of Austin along with the rest of America, was in social justice turmoil while in a battle with Covid–19 mask laws. This editorial issue of CREATX highlights how resilience and community unite together through the visual arts as artists took to the streets to express their voices and beautify the city.  In this issue, CREATX delivers powerful stories of Austin artists and highlights sources of financial relief, as many artists did not qualify for unemployment benefits.  The issue brings attention to how Covid–19 affected marginalized communities of color and how artists expressed their emotions with inspiring murals across the city of Austin.



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