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Rise Surf Co 



RISE SURF CO. is a Surf company based in Malibu California. They have grown to be one of the top companies in the sport of surfing and are expanding its business model.  They are not only a surf company with storefronts up the coast of California but are taking their company to a traveling experience searching for the perfect wave.  Inspired by the concept of a bed and breakfast RISE SURF CO. will offer surf enthusiasts the ultimate surf trip with the expanded edition of their company RISE ON THE ROAD.  By converting an 18-wheeler into a mobile hotel that rises to a two-story vehicle,  RISE ON THE ROAD will be able to invite their product consumers as guests in this new Surf hotel concept. As the main Partner with the World Surf League (WSL)  of the US Open Of Surfing, RISE SURF CO will debut the RISE ON THE ROAD surf truck hotel at this year’s US Open of Surfing in the Summer of 2022. 

RISE SURF CO’s expansion to being a mobile entity on the road needed a rebrand and identity.  The design emphasized the surfboard stringer and tail to create negative space.  The concept is expressed throughout the new brand identity for all visual assets and in the secondary logo for the expansion of RISE On The Road.  The surf truck hotel incorporates supergraphics of waves rising as the structure elevates to the top as a second story.  


Environmental graphics for the US Open of Surfing are designed with the tertiary mark of the wave. The signage structures are made from materials of metal, wood, beams, and a heavy-weight sand structure as the front base. The wayfinding signage system is the logo mark reinforced with visual elements of surfing

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