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Mobettacutz barbershop is a family-owned and operated business in San Marcos, Texas.  It was the first barbershop to make its presence on the famous San Marcos Square on LBJ Street.  It was the very first black-owned barbershop in San Marcos located in the neighborhood of Texas State University. The owner Mario is retiring and is passing the business to his son Andre to continue their legacy.  Aundre wants to grow the business to bring in more locals and family clientele.  Aundre wants to rebrand and freshen up the barbershop with a new look to embrace current trends. 

Mobettacutz growth will be rebranded and designed with a new business model of operations, a new logo identity and environmental graphics.  Through design research methods and understanding the ethnography of the San Marcus community and Mobettcutz stakeholders, our team was able to gather research insights to design a plan of action for a new business approach.  The new business model will address customer pain points and build a stronger relationship with the community of San Marcos to gain local and family clientele.


Tayja Corneiro, Arayiah Stephens,

Tyler Robinson, Dondi Aguirre


Tayja Corneiro

Environmental Graphics

Dondi Aguirre


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How Might We?

Mobettacutz - Frame 1.jpg

5E Model

5e model.jpg

Student Journey Map

Mobettacutz - Frame 2 (1).jpg

S.W.O.T. Analysis 


Been in the location for a long time

Years of good reputation



Versatile in clientele ethincity

S.W.O.T Analysis will examine Mobettacutts strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats 

Location/interior not as appealing to locals

Parking can be difficult

Fast turn around rate


Barbers are not unified in payment methods


Nothing to keep children occupied


Difficulty in booking an appointment

Location/interior not as appealing to locals

Parking can be difficult

Fast turn around rate


Barbers are not unified in payment methods


Nothing to keep children occupied


Difficulty in booking an appointment



Payment system

Logo/color identity  and branding 
community involvement

Interior / exterior graphics


Website/Social Media



Experience of the barbers/Professionalism

Customers feeling uncomfortable

Not child friendly enough


Other Barbershops in the same area and on a college campus

Interview Take Aways

Key Questions

Local Clientele thinks

Most people make an appointment ahead of time.


Positive keywords: clean, efficient, relaxing. Negative keywords: loud, fast-paced


Men are hesitant to bring women into the barbershop.

People are willing to go out of their way for a good service.

Mostly 50/50 on whether they pay with a card or cash. Some people prefer to pay in cash so that money can go directly to the barber


Men would assume that people from the LGBT community would feel comfortable there.

Do you usually walk in or make an appointment?


What are 3 words you would use to describe the space?

Do you think the women in your life would feel comfortable in this space? Why or why not?

What keeps you coming back?

How do you prefer to pay?

Do you think people from the LGBT community would feel comfortable in this space?

Card Sort









As four options were presented, the locals were tasked with putting four options in order from most preferred to least preferred. (Convenience, Service, Comfort, Price)

Problems and Solutions



Organization of appointments would eliminate the possibility of confusion on behalf
of barber.


Provide incentives for parents whenever they happen to the patron but do not make it the priority.

Consistent brand unity will allow customers to recognize the company more easily

Design the space through brand identity and color psychology to make people subconsciously feel relaxed.

Design a customer loyalty system

create a payment system that caters to all patrons regardless of the independent contracting system 

Barbers make appointments through different platforms but are not consistent in keeping track.

People do not think the space is accommodating for children.

Current branding is very common and not unique. Branding is not consistent on different platforms.

There is not a comfortable waiting area and it feels like there are just random decorations 

No incentives for customer loyalty 

Barbers are independent contractors 

Branding and Identity 

Visual Elements
MBC Logo-100.jpg
Rise color pallet copy.png
MBC ICON-100.jpg
RISE TYPEograpghy copy 2.png
MBC TAG LINE copy-100.jpg

Environmental Graphics

Mobettacutz Floorplan

Mobettacutz - Frame 3.jpg

The new proposed design of Mobettacutz environmental  graphics will be distinguishable on LBJ Drive and give a new visual identity to the barbershop.  Creating a curbside appeal to passing traffic,  pedestrians, and the Texas State bus route.  The color scheme breaks away from the traditional barbershop colors of red, white, and blue.  

EXT_Interior view_3x.png

The currrent sidewalk banner is a generic barbershop banner that does not point to Mobettacutz specifically.  The new proposed banner will highlight Mobettacutz new identity with brand elements and name with logo expressed in new colors. 


Blade Banner



EXT L_3x.png
Out side_Banner.jpg
Outdoor Banner_4x.png

The current A–Frame does not give any information about the barbershop's hours of operation with the design being identical on the front and back.   The proposed design utilizes the tertiary mark and incorporated a directional arrow pointing to the barbershop entrance and shows Mobettacutz operating business hours.





EXT J_3x.png

The proposed window graphics will be enhanced by the A-Frame sign and street banner.  The window is informative while representing the Mobettacutz brand story through the tagline “A Cut Above The Rest” next to the new Mobettacutz logo.


Window Graphic


EXT H_3x.png


WINDOW Front_4x.png

The current door is an ordinary door that is dark and hidden within the shadows of the brick walls.  The yellow will create a contrast to the dark environment drawing attention to pedestrians walking by and street traffic.  The function of the yellow door will be inviting as well as provide the barbershop's hours of operation.    




EXT I_3x.png


Front Door_4x.png

The current roofing panels are plain material and can be used to create a visual pattern from the brand colors and would support a new barbershop neon sign for Mobettacutz. 


Barbershop Sign


EXT K_3x.png


SHOP SIGN_4x.png

The uniformity of the environmental graphics encompasses Mobettacutz visual identity and brand story.  The proposed design comprised of sidewalk brand elements, window graphics, door signage, color roofing panels, and beams will deliver a warming visual experience to ENTICE a new desired clientele.  The new concept for exterior graphics will make Mobettacutz stand out as a uniquely designed barbershop that invites community. 

Front of Mobettacutz




SHOP_Front copy_4x.png
Mobettacutz - Frame 7.jpg

Upon ENTRY to Mobettcutz, the waiting area has two walls where one is decorated with religious quotes, and the other wall has some posters of haircut services offered. The Biblical content covers wall (E)  and barber services are on wall (A).  

Wall (E) is important to the owner of Mobettacutz as it reflects his values and religious beliefs but at the same time may also be a little overwhelming for new clientele as it is the first thing they see when entering the barbershop.   The new concept for Wall  (E) was to bring the owner's legacy to light and share his business journey through media and recognition.  Another part of Wall (E) would be photos of influencers, celebrities, and affluent citizens of the San Marcos community who have supported Mobettacutz.  Wall (E) would be a reflection of personal achievements filling up the negative space of the tertiary mark of the Z.


Legacy Wall 

Wall E_3x.png


legacy article_4x.png


Faith wall.jpg
Legacy wall_4x.png

Wall (A) currently has posters of hairstyles for clients to pick from as most barbershops have. The concept for wall (A) was to personalize it by incorporating clients and their haircuts serviced by Mobettcutz barbers.  


Service Wall


Wall A_3x.png
Service wall.jpg


service wall_4x.png

The top Cross Walls  (G) and (F)  don't have visual appeal and the concept was to take advantage of the horizontal space and brand them.   The above tagline is a reminder that clients are in good hands with Mobettacutz as they walk to the barber chairs.  The facing wall across, Wall (F) the Long Z mark is used as a supergraphic incorporating the introduction of Mobettacutz shop Language. 


Tagline Top Cross Wall Shop Floor Entry


Wall G _3x.png
High top_tag line.jpg


tagline entrance _4x_edited.jpg


Supergraphic Front Cross Wall Top


Wall F_3x.png
Glass display.jpg



Towards the end of the barbershop,  a secondary waiting room serves as an entertainment area. The barbershop language of Mobettacutz spans the entire length of the wall using repetition in large-scale painted stenciled letters.  


Supergraphic  Wall


Wall B_3x.png
Left_wall_4 supergrapghic.jpg


supergrapghic backwall copy_4x.png
Mobettacutz - Frame 8.jpg

The current waiting area in the back of the barbershop lacked client engagement.  The solution was to design an entertainment area that benefited parents as well as Mobetacutz regular clientele while preserving religose values of the Mobettacutz owner.  Designing a wall with several TV options allows catering to different client needs. Parents can let their kids play video games or watch cartoons.  Adults can find the sports game of the day while waiting for their haircut.  

In addition to the entertainment wall (D1), there is another important aspect of Mobettacutz on wall  (D2).   The proposed design for wall (D2) was to enhance the religious values of the owner while creating a space that is comfortable for everyone in the barbershop. The concept was to place gold vinyl letters on the wall and paint over them with ivory paint. The religious content is there but not in a way that overwhelms clientele.  The gold vinyl letters would be seen through the layer of the ivory paint the closer clientele are to the wall but fades into the wall the farther away clientele are. The current text is a play on the ten commandments to show where Mario and Andre could place their favorite scripture from the bible.      

D1 ,D2

Entertainment Wall




Wall D1_3x.png
Wall D2_3x.png
Mobettacutz - Frame 5.jpg
Mobettacutz - Frame 6.jpg

Wall (C) is currently nothing but a wall and has the opportunity to be a multi-functional space.  The proposed design is to incorporate the brand of the tertiary Z mark and create a media wall.  Clientele can experience this environment as a selfie wall and promote the business of Mobetta Cutz on social media platforms using a Mobettacutz hashtag. 


The design of the wall is made of astroturf and trimmed to create the Z and spray-painted in brand colors creating the impression of hair.   The selfie wall would benefit Mobettacutz while leaving a lasting impression on future clientele while growing the business through social media channels.  


Social Media Wall

Wall Ccopy 6_3x.png


SELFIE_WALL_Close up.jpg




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